I'm Susanna, and I think we're going to be friends.
I'm here for the raw, real, and candid moments; the in-between moments, and nostalgic moments. 
My obsession is artful storytelling and human connection - capturing photographs that invite you back into an emotion.
I'm a low-key gal with a big-ass dream, and I want to document something magnificent with you. 

Aside from photography, I also work in Emergency Medicine as an AEMT (advanced EMT). I'm also a wannabe CrossFitter, but due to my lifelong addiction to tacos and marg's, 6 pack abs are not on the horizon for yours truly.

On our days off my husband and I enjoy fishing, watching Netflix, or playing with our pupper, Captain (he's the cutest, you'll see his face a lot around here;) 

Hey guys!

My journey in photography started 10 or so years ago when I was dubbed "the photographer" out of a group of 10 on my first missions trip to Haiti. I was given a Canon Rebel XS and was told "take pictures!" And take pictures I did. 

Fast forward a year later, I bought that Rebel from my church and started shooting friends, family, seniors - anything, really. I didn't even know how to shoot manual, but I loved the creative outlet and continued shooting. 

Fast forward again to 2017, I was planning my own wedding and was super burnt out at my current job while barely making ends meet (EMTing ain't no joke somedays).

Anywho, my husband's cousin ended up being our photographer who flew out all the way from Indianapolis to capture our big day.  And that's when the lightbulb came on. 

WHY THE HECK was I not paying the bills doing what I truly loved?!  

So, I started hustlin'. I'm so happy to say that I am currently living my dream capturing unique love stories from around the country.  It just doesn't get better than this.  

I'm so glad you're here! 

Captain puppers

- emma i.

"Susanna was the best photographer we could have asked for. Shout out to her for her responsiveness, encouragement, flexibility and generosity. I cannot say enough about how blessed we were to have had Susanna capture our special day!"


love note

1) I love sun flares and good belly laughs - the kind that makes you pee a little.
2) I love blaring my tunes in the car, the first sip of my iced Caramel Macchiato, and
    extra butter on my popcorn.
3) I love the messy, muddy, authentic parts of your love story. The parts where
    nothing else matters but each other. 
4) I love the happy tears, big sighs of relief, and joy that comes with being with the
    ones you love. 

A little more about me

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those are the moments I'm here for 

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