day after wedding photos

Are you looking for a sign to do a day after wedding photoshoot for all of your romantic portraits? Here it is!!

Taking your wedding photos the day after has so many benefits, I don’t even know where to start.

Not only do you get to enjoy your wedding day without the stress of having enough time for photos, but you also get to choose a completely different location!

Of course, photos will be taken on your wedding day, but the bulk of your portraits will be done the next day.

So let’s get started!!

  • You can choose your scenery and location no matter what!! It doesn’t matter what your venue looks like, you can completely change the vibes the next day. If you’re wanting more outdoorsy and adventurous photos, we can hike up to one of your favorite spots without having to worry about rushing back to your wedding guests! This is such a great way to get those dreamy scenery photos without a time crunch.
  • Your wedding day timeline is much more flexible!! You don’t have to worry about having a first look too early, or dipping out before the reception for an hour to get wedding photos. The only photos you’ll have to schedule into your timeline is bridal party and family photos! These typically don’t take too long so your wedding guests won’t have to wait. You can even do most of it before the ceremony and finish them off right after!
  • You get to wear those fancy wedding day clothes again! Get your money’s worth and wear that dress or suit more than once. You get to dress up the day after, already married, and just enjoy a few hours with your partner and myself 😉
  • We’re able to travel to different locations the next day! Do you want some mountain photos and then head downtown for the last hour? You got it! The day is yours and I’m here to photograph you whereever your heart desires. You don’t need to worry about the time crunch so it’s way less stressful! And your wedding day nerves have completely subsided so you will already be more relaxed in front of the camera.
day after wedding photos

Here’s what you need to think about…

The only thing you need to think about if you’re planning on doing a day after wedding photoshoot…is your vendors. Make sure you talk to your photographer so you can get the appropriate package. If you’re wanting your hair and makeup done again… you’ll need to reach out to those artists to make sure they can do 2-days in a row!

I will say, my couples who have opted for this were so incredibly happy with their decision. The weight and pressure were lifted off their shoulders and they could just… be.

So are you convinced yet? Let’s talk more about your wedding day needs and get you covered!!

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